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Trail Building

Club members have been building trails around Wellington for over 15 years. Whilst in the past this has focused on DH specific trails on private land in Long Gully, more recently this focus has extended to trails throughout Wellington including: the Roller Coaster, Mystic Portal, Mt Albert 4X track, Karitane Jumps, Miramar Track Project and Mt Vic Trails. 

Our trail building focuses on providing trails for all sorts of riders, not just Downhill. Our focus is to create sustainable trails that are fun to ride. 

Get Involved!

Trail building is a core part of club activities. Without trails there is no riding. 
Digs are advertised primarily via Facebook, both on the Club Facebook page, or on the sub project pages. 
Attending a dig is a great way to meet club members, have some input into trail design and earn trail karma. 
Tools are provided by the club, but we recommend that you bring your own gloves, sturdy footwear and something to drink. 

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