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Privacy Policy

The Wellington Mountain Bike Club (WMTBC) collects only those personal details that are required from an individual in order for the club to transact with them (whether this be process club membership, register for an event or contact purposes). 

The WMTBC is a Tier 1 Cycling New Zealand (CNZ) affiliated club and as such we are required to share a limited amount of information about our members only with CNZ. This is limited to WMTBC members first and last name, and the number of members WMTBC have annually.  Why is this? CNZ require this information for their licensing and the liability insurance they offer to WMTBC.

The WMTBC will never hand over, either free or for profit, your contact details to a 3rd party organisation. 

Unsolicited Mail Act

By joining the club, or registering for an event, you consent for the WMTBC to contact you via email. 

The WMTBC will send out two types of email
  • Newsletters and notices
  • Automated notices from the website about your membership or event registration
Email is our prime method of keeping in contact with our membership and event attendees, so as such we do not offer the ability to unsubscribe from individual emails. If you wish to stop receiving communications from the WMTBC you will need to give up your membership. 

If you have any issues or concerns about unsolicited email, please contact the WMTBC.

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